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Leena Lures Build-a-Lure program continues on-line
We would like announce that you can now design and see your own lure before you order. Create your favorite design by combining the five major components to make your favorite spinner bait. Over 110,000 combinations possible. Check it out...

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Big Fish Pictures
Bufford and Scott with just one of many fish caught on their Leena Lure guided fishing trip. Bufford and Scott just displaying one of many of their fish caught on a great spring day on a recent Leena Lure's Guide Trip...
Mark and a 19 inch largemouth. Leena Lure Pro Staffer and Marketing Associate Mark Helminick displaying a 20" largemouth he caught using a Leena Lures "Cranapple Splash" Trick Stick...
Dayna with a nice Smallmouth Bass
Dayna S. with a nice smallmouth bass caught on a Leena Lure 4" Disc Tube."
Brian Hammarsten guide services with another big muske on a Leena Lure HD 1oz Spinner Bait Brian Hammarsten guide services with another big musky on a Leena Lure "HD" 1oz Spinner Bait." Contact Brian about a guide trip... Brian.Hammarsten@Inflowco.com
Troy B. with another beauty caught on a customized
Leena Lures Logan B. with another 45" beauty caught on a customized Leena Lures "HD" spinner bait."
Beau with a nice Largemouth he caught with one of the lures
he made during a Leena Lures Build-a-Lure session held at his school this winter A very proud angler Beau, is displaying not only a big largemouth he caught recently but the spinner bait he built during a Leena Lures "Build-a-Lure" event last winter.
Larry with a nice musky Here is Lake Minnetonka Guide extraordinare Larry Hanson with a beautiful musky on a recent guide trip caught on a Leena Lures spinner bait.
Contact Larry about a guide trip... LarryHanson166@aol.com
Wesley with a 19.5 inch smallmouth Contest winner Wesley from Pennsylvania showing off his personal best smallmouth that went 19.5 inch caught on a Smajig and Yomama combination.
Jesse from Oars-N-Mine Bait Here is Jesse from Oars-N-Mine Bait and Tackle with a nice musky caught on a Leena Lures HD spinnerbait.. The fish is over 40inches
Gavin with a 45 Here is Gavin Dehnert with a 45" Musky caught on a Leena Lures Elite Series Thunder spin.
Jacob and his nice bass. Not to be outdone by his brother Caleb, Jacob catches a nice largemouth on his own using a Smajig/Yomama combination.
Caleb 18inch smallmouth. Here is Leena Lure's good friend Caleb with a big largemouth bass. He is using Leena Lure SmaJig with a Yomama. Professional anglers watch out for Caleb.
Steve with a 5+ Largemouth Steve G. holding a very nice large mouth caught on a Trick Stick from Leena Lures. The fish was caught on a secrect west central Minnesota lake.
Cecelia with a nice Largemouth Cecelia shown holding a very nice Largemouth she caught in the Brainerd Lakes Area on a Leena Lures "Pro Series" Bait.
Seth Petro. Seth Petro, sales associate from Sportsman's Warehouse, shows off a nice 34" pike from Southern Minnesota. This pike was caught on a Black Night Pro Series Spinner Bait found at your favorite Sportsman's Warehouse store.
Casey Deziel. Casey Deziel shows how versatile Leena Lures Janlge Jigs can be by catching this nice lake trout through the ice. Casey enjoys taking a break from the busy summer season where he runs Voyageur Park Lodge (Voyageur Houseboats) in northern Minnesota.
Bernard Otting. Bernard Otting with a 39 inch pike caught on a northern Minnesota lake on a Leena Lure Pro Spin.
Travis K. Travis Krippner with a 20 inch smallmouth caught on a Leena Lures Pro Spin.
John Helminick and his largest bass, so far. John Helminick with a 4+lb. largemouth caught on a Leena Lure "Pro Spin" in August!
Leena Lure Pro Staffer Dean Nalezny, Leena Lure Staffer, with another fine Leena Lure Jangle Jig largemouth, this tipped the scale at over 5 lbs.
Hank Schineller Hank, age 8, caught this nice bass with his dad Peter on his new Rogue SJ663 Rod. Good job.
Scott Scherber Scott Scherber with a nice 5lb largemouth caught on a Leena Lure Jangle Jig.
Brandon, Brandon and Zachary with a nice spring crappie. Brandon, Brandon and Zachary with one of the many nice spring crappies. A perfect time of the year to get the kids involved.
Randy Pfannenstein and a bass? Even walleye fisherman can catch big bass in the fall. Another victim to a Pro Series spinner bait, bumble bee.
Jay Strachota 20 inch bass Jay Strachota with one of many 18-20" Largemouth caught on a Leena Lure "Pro Spin" (Firecracker).
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